Health care in Zimbabwe


General information

The website of the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in Zimbabwe is

Summary of recent years

In recent years there has been deterioration in the quality of health provision services in Zimbabwe; this comes against a background of economic throes and challenges being faced by the nation. This has adversely affected the way in which some conditions and diseases are being managed across the primary, secondary and tertiary health institutions. The poor standard of health care due to understaffing, lack of competitive salaries, excessive workloads, continues to haunt public health delivery in Zimbabwe.

Most interventions have been focusing on HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis  (TB), neglecting some other curable and treatable conditions. Hydrocephalus is one of these treatable conditions, of which there have been enough studies and evidence that hydrocephalus is treatable when the necessary surgical intervention is carried out.

Health care concerning hydrocephalus

The medical support in Zimbabwe for children with hydrocephalus known so far, are as follows:

Hydrocephaly Program: There’s a program running in Manicaland that can only take patients living in Manicaland.

Surgeons: There are 2 neurosurgeons working in Harare at Parirenyatwa and Harare Central Hospital. Another surgeon trained in the field of hydrocephalie, is working at Karanda Mission Hospital near Mt. Darwin.


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