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In Developing countries, causes of Hydrocephalus could be related to, or exacerbated by poverty and lack of proper healthcare. Undernourished mother run a higher risk of having premature babies, which, in turn, run a higher risk of having haemorrhaging (see below the topic ‘Prematurity’) . Meningitis in these countries is often the result of postnatal infections caused by poor delivery techniques or conditions. The inadequate treatment of these infections can result in Hydrocephalus.

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Go to Prevention of Spina Bifida : Most babies born with Spina Bifida have Hydrocephalus. In addition to the lesion in the spinal cord, there are abnormalities in the structure of certain parts of the brain which develop before birth. This prevents proper drainage of the CSF. The increase in pressure can compress the abnormal parts of the brain even further.

(Source: International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in Brussels, Belgium)

Article Science News: Infant Hydrocephalus, seasonal and linked to farm animals in Uganda: Hydrocephalus in infants in sub-Saharan Africa is thought to be caused most often by meningitis-type infections during the first month of life. (Source:


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