Karanda Mission Hospital is the hospital where the Program refers most of it’s patients to. Although it is nearly 6 hours drive from Mutare it is worth going there because of high quality treatment, lots of experience in shunt surgeries and low costs. The hospital is in the northern part of Zimbabwe, 200 kilometers from the capital city of Harare and about 2.5 hours by car(from Harare). The nearest town is 30 miles away.

The hospital was opened in 1961 and nowadays it is a 130 bed hospital. Karanda provides healthcare, both physical and spiritual to the Mashona people of Mashonaland Central province. The hospital will care for 75,000-90,000 patients a year, deliver 1500 babies and do 3000 surgical procedures a year. It’s 2-3 doctors and 30 nurses are assisted by 75 nursing students in caring for these patients.

For more information please go to their website: www.karanda.org

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